Friday, 28 October 2016

Sunyana Graef

           “I would say the function of Zen is to help people be alive,” Sunyana Graef of the Vermont Zen Center tells me. “Truly alive. It helps people see who and what they are. Of course, you can practice Zen on many different levels. Right? But if you’re practicing Zen on the deepest level, it enables you to see through all of your habit patterns, your ego delusions, your greed, your anger, your ignorance, and get to that point where you truly see. And once you see who and what you are, your life changes and so does everyone else’s life, because you touch the world. You’re not separate from the world.”

[Sunyana Graef - Cypress Trees in the Garden: 204, 329, 337-51, 361, 374, 388-89, 468]
[See also: Vermont Zen Center]

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