Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Sandra González

                The other facilitator at Spring Water I interviewed was Sandra González. Sandra is Nicaraguan and still speaks English with a charming accent. I asked her how she would respond to someone who came to the center and asked what Meditative Inquiry was. She tried to avoid the question for a while and finally – with some reluctance – tells me, “So, let’s look at this desire that you can get something from here. So we begin to explore. Let’s look at the intention, motivation that brought you here. And that, factually, is meditative inquiry. Let’s explore right now all these motivations that brought you here. What ideas are there? And let’s put it all open. Let’s air the whole thing out. So it’s an inviting.”

[Sandra González - Cypress Trees in the Garden: 385-408]
[See also: Springwater Center]

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