Thursday, 18 August 2016

Ruben Habito

                Ruben Habito is a former Jesuit and still a practicing Catholic. Like Elaine MacInnes, he is a transmitted teacher in the Sanbo Zen tradition. “A koan,” he told me, “is a way of letting the discursive mind come to face a blank wall, and somehow pull it to a stop so that your intuitive mind might open up and allow you to experience reality directly without the mediation of the logical or discursive mind.”
                I asked if that was process which congruent with Christian thinking.
                “I would say so,” he said, “because it does invite us to be still and allow that part of us that rests totally in God to just open up and not think about it but just be there in awe with an open heart.”

[Ruben Habito – Cypress Trees in the Garden: 134, 150, 474;
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