Monday, 15 August 2016

Elaine MacInnes

                Sister Elaine MacInnes is a Roman Catholic nun as well as a transmitted Zen Master in the Sanbo Zen tradition. She had been a student of Koun Yamada, who – she told me – never expected her to become a Buddhist. Rather, he told her that Zen would help her be a better Catholic and a better nun. Zen, she said, “cleans out the garbage.” It cuts through the stuff that piles up in one’s mind, and it brings one to a state of silence which “gives our whole being freedom to ‘do its thing,’ so to speak. I have heard more than one Zen Master articulate the process as ‘giving over’ to the Source of the power which animates all of life. We are thus released from the dictates of an imperious ego.”

[Elaine MacInnes – Cypress Trees in the Garden: 133-40, 141-42, 174, 304, 309;
Catholicism and Zen: 14, 38, 87-97, 145, 165, 182, 187 ]
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