Monday, 6 June 2016

Imakita Kosen

                 Imakita Kosen described his experience of awakening this way: “One night during zazen practice the boundary between before and after suddenly disappeared. I entered into the blessed realm of the totally wondrous. It was as if I had arrived at the ground of the Great Death with no memory of the existence of anything, not even myself. All I remember is an energy in my body that spread out over ten times ten-thousand worlds and a light that radiated endlessly. At one point, as I took a breath, seeing and hearing, speaking and moving suddenly became different from what they had normally been. As I sought for the highest principle and the wondrous meaning of the universe, my own self became clear and all things appeared bright. In this abundance of delight, I forgot that my hands were moving in the air and my feet were dancing.”

[Imakita Kosen – Zen Masters of Japan: 294-95]

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