Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Torei Enji

                A student asked Torei Enji, “Is it true that seeing into one’s True Nature is the same as attaining Buddhahood?”
                “It is.”
                “Then you, Master, are a Buddha?”
                Torei nodded his head.
                “But we’ve been taught,” the student went on, “that Buddhas have special spiritual powers. If you’re a Buddha, why don’t you have special powers?”
                “I most certainly have spiritual powers,” Torei replied.
                “Then why don’t you manifest them so others can see them and be aware of them?”
                “I’m always manifesting them. You, however, don’t recognize them. It isn’t the fault of the sun or the moon if a blind man is unable to see them.

[Torei Enji – Zen Masters of Japan: 254-60]

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