Friday, 13 May 2016

Dokutan Shokei

                A story is told about a devout nembutsu practitioner named Enjo who kept the name of the Amida Buddha in mind constantly both day and night. Eventually through this method he attained awakening and went to Manpukuji to have the abbot, Dokutan Shokei, confirm it.
                When Dokutan saw him, he asked, “Where do you come from?”
                “Yamashiro,” Enjo replied.
                “What practice do you follow?”
                “Pure Land.”
                “Tell me then, how old is Amida Buddha?”
                “The same age as I am.”
                “How old are you?”
                “The same age as Amida Buddha.”
                “And where is Amida Buddha now?”
                Enjo closed his left fist and raised it.
                “Ah!” Dokutan said, delighted. “You are indeed a follower of the Pure Land!”

[Dokutan Shokei – Zen Masters of Japan: 192-93]

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