Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Shishuang Chuyuan [W-G: Shih-shuang Ch’u-yuan / Sekiso Soen]

                Addressing his disciples, Shishuang Chuyuan said: “As soon as one particle of dust is raised, the great earth manifests itself there in its entirety. In one lion are revealed millions of lions, and in millions of lions is revealed one lion. Thousands of them there are indeed, but you need to know just one.”
                Then he raised his staff, saying, “Here’s my staff. So now, tell me, where’s the one lion?”
                When no one in the assembly replied, he shouted “Ho!” Then he set the staff down and left the room.

[Shishuang Chuyuan – Zen Masters of China: 253-54]

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