Saturday, 20 February 2016

Qinshan Wensui [W-G: Ch’in-shan Wen-sui / J: Kinzan Bunsui]

                Before they studied with Deshan, Yantou Xuanjian, Qinshan Wensui, and Xuefeng Yicun studied with Dongshan Liangjie. On one occasion the three were practicing zazen together when the master brought them tea. Qinshan’s eyes were closed, and he didn’t notice that tea was being served. Dongshan asked him, “Where are you?”
                “I’ve entered samadhi,” Qinshan replied.
                “Samadhi has no gate, so how can you have entered it?” Songshan asked.

[Qinshan Wensui – Zen Masters of China: 235-36]

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