Thursday, 25 February 2016

Nanyuan Huiyong [W-G: Nan-yuan Hui-yung / J: Nanin Egyo]

                 Xinghua’s successor, Nanyuan Huiyong, was known for the strictness of his manner and the frequency with which he used staff. On one occasion Nanyuan asked a newly arrived monk his reason for coming to the monastery.
                “I’ve come to pay my respects to Master Nanyuan” the monk said.
                “He isn’t here.”
                The monk shouted, “Ho!
                “I said Nanyuan isn’t here. What’s the use in shouting?”
                The monk shouted again, and Nanyuan struck him. The monk bowed.
                “Actually,” Nanyuan remarked, “it was you who struck me. I merely struck back.”

[Nanyuan Huiyong – Zen Masters of China: 246-47]

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