Monday, 8 February 2016

Jinhua Juzhi [W-G: Chin-hua Chu-chih / J: Gutei Chikan]

                Whenever Jinhua Juzhi was asked a question about Zen, he raised a single finger and remained silent.
                As he became older, he needed the services of an attendant. It happened that the attendant took to imitating his master. So when someone would ask about Juzhi’s teaching, the attendant also just raised a finger. When Juzhi caught him in this mimicry, he grabbed the attendant’s hand and, using a knife, cut off the offending finger. The attendant screamed in pain and tried to rush from the room. Before he reached the door however, Juzhi called his name. The attendant turned to look at the master, and Juzhi raised a single finger. The attendant came to awakening.
[Jinhua Juzhi – Zen Masters of China: 199-200]

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