Saturday, 27 February 2016

Fengxue Yanzhao [W-G: Feng-hsueh Yen-chao / J: Fuketsu Ensho]

                The monk Yanzhao lived for many years in an abandoned temple on Mount Fengxue. During the day, he begged for food in the nearby village, and at night he meditated by the light of burning pine resin. Slowly a group of students was attracted to him and joined him on the mountain.
                One of these students said, “Master, you once said that truth can be transmitted without speaking and without keeping silent. Can you explain this to me?”
                Yanzhao replied, “When I was a young boy in Hangzhou, how the birds played among the blossoms in the springtime!”

[Fengxue Yanzhao – Zen Masters of China: 247-50]

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