Saturday, 13 February 2016

Chanqing Daan [W-G: Ch’ang-ch’ing Ta-an / J: Chokei Daian]

 Chanqing Daan said to his students:
“What are you looking for by coming to me? Are you seeking to become a Buddha? Then you should know that you already are Buddha. Why run from place to place, like a deer chasing the mirage of water? Your mind, just as it is, with its thoughts and imaginings, just this is Buddha-mind. Where else will you find it?
“I lived with Guishan Lingyou for more than thirty years. I ate Guishan’s food. I shat Guishan’s shit. But I didn’t study Guishan’s Zen. All I did was to look after an ox. If the ox strayed from the path, I brought him back. If he trampled the grain in another’s field, I disciplined him. For a long time it was a pitiable beast. Now he has become a magnificent white animal always in front of my face. All day long, he reveals himself clearly. Even though I let him roam as he will, he doesn’t stray.
                “Each of you has a treasure beyond price. It’s the light of your eye which illuminates the mountains and rivers. It’s the power of your ears which allows you to hear pleasant and foul sounds. So it is with all your six senses, although you’re unable to comprehend it.”

[Chanqing Daan – Zen Masters of China: 214-15]

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