Thursday, 21 January 2016

Panshan Baoji [W-G: P’an-shan Pao-chi / J: Banzan Hoshaku]

                Panshan Baoji was walking through a market, and, as he passed the butcher’s stall, he happened to overhear a woman speaking. “I must prepare a meal for a very special guest,” she told the butcher.  “Please show me the very best piece of meat you have for sale here.”
                “All the wares I have for sale here are the best,” the butcher replied.  “You can’t find one piece which is not the best.”
                Hearing these words, Panshan came to awakening.
                Later he would explain: “You can’t seek it from others.  No one can show it to you.”
[Panshan Baoji – Zen Masters of China: 144-45]

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