Monday, 4 January 2016

Cuiwei Wuxue [W-G: Ts’ui-wei Wu-hseuh / J: Suibi Mugaku]

                A monk asked Cuiwei Wuxue what the significance of Buddhism was. Cuiwei  looked about then said, softly, “Wait until no one else is around, then I’ll answer your question.”
                Sometime later, the monk saw Cuiwei in the garden by himself, so he approached him once more. “We’re alone now. So, please, tell me: what is the significance of Buddhism?”
                Without speaking, Cuiwei  indicated the nearby grove of bamboo with a wave of his hand. “Look!” Cuiwei  said. “There’s a tall bamboo, and here’s a short one!”
[Cuiwei Wuxue – Zen Masters of China: 105-07]

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