Monday, 11 January 2016

Chunzi Decheng [W-G: Ch’uan-tzu Te-ch’eng / J: Sensu Tokujo]

                Chunzi Decheng, Daowu Yuanjie, and Yunyan Tansheng all received Dharma transmission from Yaoshan Weiyan. Chunzi said to the other two: “I know that both of you will eventually go your separate ways and continue our master’s Dharma.  That isn’t my path; I lack that discipline.  I enjoy nature and will follow my own way.  I’m not fit to be the teacher of a great assembly.  Still, if an appropriate student comes to you, please send him to me so that I may repay our teacher by passing on what little I’ve learned.”
                He then became a ferryman and was popularly known to the people he helped cross the river as the “Boatman monk.” 

[Chunzi Decheng – Zen Masters of China: 119-20, 121]

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