Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Tianhuang Daowu [W-G: T’ien-huang Tao-wu / J: Tenno Dogo]

                Tianhuang Daowu was the Dharma heir of Shitou Xiqian. When he became a teacher, his personal attendant was Lungtan Chongzin. After Lungtan had been in that position for several years, he approached his master and complained, “Since I came here, I haven’t had any instruction in the study of mind.” 
                “That isn’t so,” Tienhuang said. “Since the day you first arrived, I haven’t missed an opportunity to show you how to study mind.” 
                “In what way, sir?”
                “When you brought me a cup of tea, didn’t I drink it? When you bowed to me, didn’t I  return the bow? When did I ever neglect instructing you?” 
                Lungtan sat for a moment with his head down. “If you want to see it,” Tianhuang snapped, “see it directly! When you just think about it, it’s altogether lost!”
                Lungtan came to awakening and asked, in marvel, “How does one maintain it?”
                “Live in accordance with conditions as they arise moment to moment,” Tianhuang instructed him. “Surrender to everyday mind. There’s nothing sacred except this.”

[Tianhuang Daowu – Zen Master’s of China: 102]

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