Saturday, 19 December 2015

Nanyang Huizhong [W-G: Nan-yang Hui-chung / J: Nan’yo Echu]

        Nanyang Huizhong – who became known as the National Teacher – studied with the Sixth Patriarch, Huineng, for many years, after which he retired to a temple on Mount Baiya. Although he did not leave the temple for forty years, his fame extended to the court, and the Emperor invited him to come to the capital.  Huizhong deferred twice before finally assenting to a third invitation.  It is said that the Emperor was so pleased with his acceptance that when the carriage carrying Huizhong approached the palace, the Emperor himself went out to grasp its shaft and help pull it the final distance.

[Nanyang Huizhong – Zen Masters of China: 73-77]

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