Saturday, 26 December 2015

Mazu Daoyi [W-G: Ma-tsu-Tao / J: Baso Doitsu]

                As Mazu Daoyi and Baizhang Huaihai were walking together, a flock of geese flew overhead.
                “What are they?” asked Mazu.
                “Wild geese,” Baizhang told him.
                “Where are they going?”
                “They’ve already flown away.”
                Mazu grabbed Baizhang’s nose and twisted it sharply.
                “How could they ever have flown away?” he demanded.
                At that moment, Baizhang’s mind was opened.

[Mazu Daoyi – Zen Masters of China: 84-91, 103, 146, 148, 169, 170]

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